Gypsum Underlayment Products

Levelrock 2500

At a minimum compressive strength of 2500 psi, Levelrock 2500 offers the highest performance of any product in its class. If you are looking for radiant heat pipe encapsulation, sound attenuation, fire mitigation, or any combination of the above, this is the product for you.

Levelrock 3500

High strength commercial grade underlayment. Levelrock 3500 delivers a minimum compressive strength of 3500 psi. This product is best suited to commercial applications, high traffic areas, and thinner pours.

Levelrock 4500

Super high strength self-sealing material. Levelrock 4500 yields a minimum compressive strength of 4500 PSI. This material is best suited for thin pours and rehabilitation, especially over old uneven concrete. It can be poured from 2 inches down to a feather edge.

Quick Top

Our highest strength, quick-setting material. Quicktop boasts compressive strengths of up to 10,000 psi and can be ready for finished floor goods just 24 hrs after application. This material is ideal for rehabilitations and leveling up old uneven slabs, especially when time is a factor. It comes pre-sanded and can be applied at depths of 2 inches down to a feather edge.

Levelrock Csd Early Exposure

Premium poured floor underlayment for early installation over corrugated galvanized steel deck. Can be poured up to 60 days before installing a building's permanent windows and doors. At approximately 13 lbs./sq. ft. per rising inch, CSD is up to 55% lighter than 3 in. of corrugated steel deck. Streamlines trade scheduling - can be installed early in the building's construction schedule. Allows trade traffic to resume the next day (conventional poured concrete takes 7-10 days). May assist in obtaining LEED credits. Compressive strength of 3500-5000 psi with a dry density range of 119-127 lbs/cu. ft.

Levelrock All Purpose Sealer

LEVELROCK All Purpose Sealer seals floor underlayments to enhance the bond between floor-covering adhesive and underlayments in a one-coat application. The sealer can be applied to the underlayment as soon as it is dry enough to walk on (1-2 hours).

RH 100

Our moisture mitigation material. RH-100 is essential when pouring over concrete with moisture emission issues. We will apply it before installing your poured floor.

Sound Attenuation Products

SAM Series

Performance grade sound attenuation mat that can be installed over a variety of subfloors. It comes in three different sizes (.125”, .25”, and .4”) allowing  or a fully customizable sound-rated floor assembly.

SAM Ultra Series

High Performance sound attenuation mat with a focus on increased IIC ratings.

Sound Reduction Board

A rigid sound attenuation product best suited for achieving optimal STC and IIC ratings in a thinner overall underlayment system.