Dick Anderson Construction

Dick Anderson Construction
Performing Arts in Sheridan, WY

This project required a deep fill to level an old gymnasium so it can be turned into a performing arts center. Our total depth varied from 2.75" to 5". To pour this deep we had to install multiple lifts. We solved a tough problem in only one day. This project is being built by Dick Anderson Construction at the Whitney Center for Performing Arts in Sheridan, WY."

KKG Residence - Missoula, MT
Holland Construction

This project was perfect for our Levelrock RH product. 2,500 Square Feet of radiantly heated floors in the Lower Rattlesnake of Missoula.

Sound Attenuation Mat - Big Sky, MT
Highline Partners

Here we are installing Sound Attenuation Mat to improve qualtity and comfort in regards to sound transmission in this home. Our Sound Attenuation Mat increases the IIC rating (mechanical) a floor/ceiling assembly while our LEVELROCK increase the STC rating (airborne sound). These products are perfect for multi-family housing, offices, dorms, and even homes. By addressing sound tenants experience a comfortable and quiet living space. Other added benefits include an increase in value of the building and a decrease in risk of litigation from occupants.

Finished Slab

Usually, within a few hours, the slab has set up to the point that it can support light foot traffic.

Pouring for Hardwood Floors

For hardwood finishes, we pour our material to the top of evenly spaced "sleepers" (usually 2 X 4's) nailed to the subfloor.

Triple Tree Residence - Bozeman, MT
Schlauch Bottcher Construction

This is a new large custom home with radiantly heated LEVELROCK slabs that is being built SBC in the Triple Tree development of Bozeman, MT.

Milestone Apartments - Miles City, MT
Jackson Contracting Group

This project consisted of two large 4-story apartment complexes that used 1" of Levelrock 2500.

My Place Hotel - Billings, MT
Legacy Builders

My Place Extended Hotels are a new hotel chain being built all over the western United States. My Place Hotels recieve 1" of Levelrock 2500 product topped with Levelrock All Purpose Sealer. We have worked with Legacy Builders on My Place Hotels in Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, and Washington.