Ours is a major process, and we will generally require a relatively large mobilization area outside near the building along with access to the entire interior floor area. We work quickly and efficiently, however to be sure give you a high-quality floor while minimizing the impact to other progress as much as possible. We prioritize communication and planning during the lead up, and our highly experienced, well trained installers will hit the ground running upon arrival to your site. Contact our office with any questions you may have.

Arrival and Setup

We usually arrive with multiple trucks, trailers, and machines. We’ll place our equipment and material in the provided mobilization area (at least 100ftx100ft) outside the building. Our foreman will walk the jobsite inside and out with your site supervisor to address any issues and ensure that everyone is on the same page. Inside the building, we’ll take care of any final floor preparations, including masking Off any finished work, applying bonders/primers, and locating any red flag areas or areas with the potential to leak to the floor below.

Installing Levelrock

For most underlayment applications, we’ll mix your Levelrock outside and pump it through a hose to your floor. Our outdoor setup is essentially a mobile batch plant where we combine bag material, water, and sand. Our indoor crew will leave you with a smooth, flat finish poured to your preferred elevation. Once we’re pumping, the installation moves quickly. At 1-1/2” depth, we can pour as much as 2000-3000 sq ft per hour.

Post Pour and Demobilization

After the pour, we will load our equipment and clean our mobilization area. Generally, within 1-2 hours, our floor will have set up enough to allow foot traffic. We’ll then walk the inside area and take care of any necessary cleanup. Before we leave, our foreman will walk the entire job with your site supervisor. After 24 hours, our floors are set up enough to allow other trades to begin working again.

Installing Soundmat

For sound rated systems, we’ll install our soundmat prior to pouring your floor. This will be done as part of the setup/prep phase, to be completed directly before pouring. In most cases, we can lay around 10,000 sq ft of soundmat per day.