Levelrock 2500

At upwards of 2500 psi, Levelrock 2500 by USG boasts the highest compressive strength of any product in its class. It is the perfect choice of underlayment whether you are looking for sound attenuation, fire suppression, radiant heat pipe encapsulation, or all of the above.

Levelrock 3500

Achieving a minimum PSI of 3500, LEVELROCK 3500 is the underlayment of choice for wood framed construction needing to meet the strength requirements of commercial flooring products. LEVELROCK 3500 is also very useful for the leveling of concrete slabs.

Levelrock 4500

With strengths exceeding 4500 PSI, LEVELROCK 4500 can be applied at thicknesses from 2" to featheredge (with the proper sand). It is ideal for resurfacing uneven, cratered, or sunken concrete areas, yielding a smooth, level surface in preparation for finished flooring.

Levelrock Csd Early Exposure

Premium poured floor underlayment for early installation over corrugated galvanized steel deck. Can be poured up to 60 days before installing a building's permanent windows and doors. At approximately 13 lbs./sq. ft. per rising inch, CSD is up to 55% lighter than 3 in. of corrugated steel deck. Streamlines trade scheduling - can be installed early in the building's construction schedule. Allows trade traffic to resume the next day (conventional poured concrete takes 7-10 days). May assist in obtaining LEED credits. Compressive strength of 3500-5000 psi with a dry density range of 119-127 lbs/cu. ft.

Levelrock All Purpose Sealer

LEVELROCK All Purpose Sealer seals floor underlayments to enhance the bond between floor-covering adhesive and underlayments in a one-coat application. The sealer can be applied to the underlayment as soon as it is dry enough to walk on (1-2 hours).

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  • SAM-N40

  • SAM-N25

  • SAM-N12

Sound Attenuation Mats

Sound Attenuation Mat is the product of choice when looking to increase Impact Isolation Class (IIC) and Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings on a variety of subfloors such as plywood, OSB, pre-cast concrete, and metal pan decking. With a nominal thickness of 0.125 in. (1/8 in.) for SAM-N12, 0.25 in. (1/4 in.) for SAM-N25 and 0.4 in. (2/5 in.) for SAM-N40, these sound mats are ideal for concrete and wood substrates. SAM-N12 requires a minimum 3/4 in. thickness of LEVELROCK floor underlayment topping, while both SAM-N25 and SAM-N40 require and 1 in. minimum topping of LEVELROCK floor underlayment. We recommend using 1.5 in. LEVELROCK topping to maximize the durability and strength of the underlayment. All SAM sound attenuation mats are made from a durable polymer resin with a special moisture-managed control backing.

For those interested in green building, the typical recycled content of SAM-N12, SAM-N25 and SAM-N40 sound attenuation mats (40%, of which 100% is pre-consumer/post-industrial material) can help a building achieve a LEED rating. USG's SAM products can also greatly contribute to sound isolation for commercial buildings operating in industries such as Health Care and Legal work where speech privacy and comfort of clients is paramount in day-to-day operations. For information on how LEVELROCK underlayments and Sound Attenuation Mats can help achieve a LEED rating, view USG's LEED FAQ's.